diesel dispenser

LUMEN Fuel Dispenser System is an independent, demountable fuel administering unit which has been intended to address the issues of fuel wholesalers who’s clients require low volume “Metered” conveyances of fuel into plant hardware, building locales, generators, watercrafts, greenhouses and different destinations which may have troublesome access and where it may not be financially savvy or functional to send a customary fuel conveyance tanker.

Diesel Flow Meters

Diesel Fuel Flow Measurement from our side is a remarkable and ace product. The low-pressure drop through the meter makes the meter ideally suited for use in gravity applications. This product from our side is a masterpiece and has proven to be a highly reliable and highly accurate method of measuring flow, providing exceptional repeatability and high accuracy. On-time delivery is something that we always follow. Available in Digital Diesel Flow Meter and Mechanical Diesel Flow Meter.

Oil Flow Meters

LUMEN INSTRUMENTS is the leading oil flow meter suppliers in India. We are the well-known manufacturer of oil flow sensors. LUMEN Oil Flow Meters is one of the longest established positive displacement (PD) flow metering technologies; its high accuracy & wide operating range makes oval gear meters a very popular choice for dependable flow measurement.



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Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a organization. Our core values are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action towards our clients. At Lumen Instruments, We have been always taught to be faithful to our client in any situation. We always suggest the products with well=being of our customers in our minds. With the help of our deep technical knowledge, we are always able to help you out regarding any problems you might be facing with your requirements.


Incorporated in the year 2011, we “Lumen Instruments” are an eminent entity that strives hard to produce unmatched quality products. Our core business is to Manufacture, Export and Supply superior quality assortment of Diesel Flow Meter, Oil Flow Meter, Fuel Flow Meter, Diesel Dispenser, Fuel Dispenser, Diesel Transfer Pump, etc.

Fit & smoothly performing Pumps & Pumping Equipment are necessary for hassle-free production operations. As these pumps & equipment assist in the transportation of water and other required liquid compounds, any fault in their functioning or non-functioning can right away cause the whole manufacturing process to stop. To relieve clients with this uncalled trouble, Lumen Instruments is engaged in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of reliable & cost-effective Flow Meter, Fuel Dispenser, DC Motor-Operated Pump, Stainless Steel (SS) Pump, Diesel Dispenser, Fuel Flow Meter, Pumps, Fuel Nozzle, Diesel Flow Meter, Fuel Flow Meter, Oil Flow Meter and more.

We have designed and developed our products after studying the production procedures of companies in a different domain to exactly match the arising requirements. Further, our Diesel and Oil Flow Meters has broken records for flow measurement accuracy, maintenance-free service, trouble-free operation, low energy consumption, etc.

With our clearly defined business objectives, we have been able to develop ourselves in a steady and sustainable pattern. One of our objectives is to meet the demand of our products without any delay. Being a manufacturing company, even we also understand that a small lag in the delivery of the needed items can create a fuss which can remain unsolved for long. Moreover, our team of experienced professionals tries to serve the clients in a highly productive and beneficial manner.