Achievers CE-112 Diesel Flow Meter


  • High accuracy
  • Wide Range of Viscosity
  • Display Available in DC and AC Power Supply Options
  • High resolution of display
  • Suitable For Low Flow Rates
  • Available with RS-485 Modbus and 4-20 ma Output
  • Can be Connected with PLC Based Systems
  • Flow Totalizer and Flow Rate Indicator


The CE-112 positive displacement oval gear flow meters are similar in design to the gear pump. The principle of operation is reversed; instead of the gears driving the medium, the medium drives the gears. A non-intrusive magnetic pickup or hall-effect sensor detects the movement of the gear and as each gear tooth passes the sensor a square wave pulse is produced and a discrete volume of liquid is measured. The resulting pulse train is proportional to the actual flow rate and provides a highly accurate representation of the fluid flow. All meters are designed with highly wear resistant moving parts to provide exceptionally long service life.

Enclosure :Aluminium anodize / SS 304 / SS 316

Rotor :Aluminium anodize / SS 316 / PPS

O-ring : NBR / Viton

Shaft : Hard Stainles Steel-316

Accuracy (standard installation position) : + 1% RS / 0.25% FSD

Maximum working pressure 5 Mpa (35~85% RH)

Fluid & Ambient temperature :- 40 to 140º C

Power voltage : -5/24 V DC

Output : High electric level : Less than 4.5 VDC (input voltage 5 VDC) / Low electric level : Higher THAN 0.5 vdc (INPUT VOLTAGE 5 VDC)

Connection : Thread (M/F)

Additional information


006 mm (5~150 L/H), 008 mm (20~300 L/H), 012 mm (50~800 L/H), 015 mm (80~1,500 L/H), 020 mm (150~2,000 L/H), 025 mm (200~4,000 L/H), 040 mm (500~10,000 L/H), 050 mm (600~20,000 L/H)

Display Power

9~36 V DC, 220V AC

Output Type

No Output, RS-485, 4-20 ma


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