Fuel Consumption Meter is a form of positive displacement meter to degree the liquid flow or immediate float of the pipe tube. The Fuel Consumption Meter meter is ideally designed for accurate size of the diesel engine intake of any vehicle like vans, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, riverboats or other diesel locomotives. it's miles a type of accumulate meter which tested their reliability by way of ensuring fuel measuring accuracy , relying upon the form of utility area. With characteristics of high accuracy, small trade by the fluid viscosity, it is broadly used to measure oil type liquid, but it is forbidden to measure corrosive liquid.

Specification :

  • Diesel Generator Fuel consumption Meter
    Fuel consumption meter use for measuring fuel consumption at diesel generator, diesel engine base automobile and gadget and different fuel base generator. Fuel consumption meter is creation from two fuel consumption sensor and one flow calculator

Technical Specs :

  • Accuracy (preferred set up function):zero.1 % fsd
    power : 5 Vdc to 24 Vdc
    Calibration: easy to calibrate each join gasoline flow sensor .
    gas consumption meter to be had with virtual output for connect with GPRS or GPS device device to tracking vehicle fuel statistics thru pc
  • imply overall gas consumption and float charge via diesel generator
  • indicate general gas supply and flow fee toward engine
    imply general fuel return and flow rate from engine
    indicate total time of gasoline consume with gasoline deliver and return time
    fuel dimension via fine displacement Base precept
    appropriate with all diesel engine
    It outlines you a correct intake of gas so hard to robbery fuel from automobile
  • Application:
  • automobile car: Truck, Tanker, Dumper, Tractor, college bus, taxi, diesel automobile
    Heavy system and vehicle from Mines, Infrastructure, production , actual estate, Earth transferring, Mineral industries, gadget and vehicle
    Marine device: river boats, ship and different marine gadget
    Diesel generator and diesel engine
    mobile tower and telecom industries

Features :

Exceptionally dependable and precise fuel consumption measurement in trucks, Tankers, Infrastructure what's more, Construction hardware, horticulture hardware, stream water crafts and diesel motor. It provides you an exact consumption of fuel to stop the robbery of fuel from the vehicle.Achievers diesel generator fuel consumption meter is created from two fuel flow sensor and one fuel adding machine, full item is configuration, created and tried by Achievers, and effectively keep running from most recent three yearsAchievers fuel sensor is oval rigging flow sensor, its measure and ascertain add up to diesel amount go from diesel tank to motor (an) and overabundance diesel come back from motor to diesel tank (b), and after know both diesel amount its simple to compute add up to fuel consumption of diesel generator (c) = (a) - (b), and its our surety that our framework precision: 0.5 % of genuine consumption, Achievers fuel adding machine measure and figure both fuel flow sensor fuel qty, fuel taking a break and fuel consumption , likewise Achievers fuel adding machine alternatively ready to give RS-485/RS-232/beat yield against settle utilize qty for interface with GPS and GPRS modem,

Fuel Flow Sensor:

  • One for inlet line and second for return line
  • Aluminum anodize
  • Detecting component: Aluminum anodize oval apparatus
  • Precision (standard establishment position): 0.1 % FSD
  • Power: 5 Vdc to 24 Vdc

Fuel flow sensor choice:

  • CE-006 up to 200 HP Diesel Engines
  • CE-008 up to 200 HP TO 400 HP Diesel Engines
  • CE-012 up to 400 HP TO 1000 HP Diesel Engines
  • CE-020 up to 1000 HP TO 2500 HP Diesel Engines

Technical Details of Fuel Consumption Meter

  • Show: inline, return line and devour fuel qty and time
  • Measure unit: choice accessible: litter/gallon/meter 3 and numerous more Standard unit
  • Power: 5 Vdc to 24 Vdc
  • Adjustment: simple to align both interface fuel flow sensor
  • Y sort fuel channel/strainer:
  • Fuel consumption meter accessible with advanced yield for interface with GPRS or GPS framework

FCM arrange choice guide:

  • FCM:006
  • 2 nos: flow sensor: CE-006 fuel mini-computer up to 200 HP Diesel Engines
  • FCM:008
  • CE-008 (2 nos) fuel mini-computer 200 HP TO 400 HP Diesel Engines
  • FCM:012
  • CE-012 (2 nos) Fuel mini-computer 400 HP TO 1000 HP Diesel Engines
  • FCM:020
  • CE-020(2 nos) fuel mini-computer 1000 HP TO 1500 HP Diesel Engines
  • FCM:025
  • CE-025(2 nos) fuel mini-computer 1500 HP TO 2000 HP Diesel Engines

Different Details:

  • Diesel generator fuel consumption meter accessible with roar specify future
  • Show add up to fuel consumption by diesel generator
  • Demonstrate add up to fuel supply toward motor
  • Demonstrate add up to fuel come back from motor
  • Show add up to time of fuel devour with fuel supply and return time
  • Fuel measurement by means of positive relocation Base standard
  • Reasonable with all diesel motor
  • On board control supply from motor battery 5vdc TO 29 Vdc
  • It provides you a precise consumption of fuel so hard to robbery fuel from vehicle


  • Achievers fuel consumption meter is very dependable and precise fuel measurement gadget use at ventures.

Fuel Consumption Meter
Digital Fuel Consumption Meter
Fuel Consumption Meter
Fuel Consumption Meter
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Smart Fuel Consumption Meter