Measuring Oil Consumption

Lumen Oil Flow Meters are precise, solid and sparing method for acquiring all the data a client needs to control oil utilization in Generators, Boilers and to quantify correct oil receipts. Wherever oil is gotten, put away and utilized, Lumen Oil Flow Meters measure, totalize and records flows absolutely. Lumen oil flow meters can be introduced in the pipeline and would totalize the flow of oil flowing through the line.

Checking Oil Consumption

With the constantly rising costs of oil, administration of oil utilization is more imperative than ever. Lumen Oil Flow Meters help to screen oil utilization in oil devouring gear like diesel generators, boilers, heaters, thermopack and so forth. Observing of oil utilization in singular gear on consistent schedule decreases utilization by making restorative support move at the earlier

Recording Draw - Off From Storage Tanks

Lumen Oil flow Meters can be introduced in the lines providing oil from primary stockpiling tanks to utilization focuses. They help to record and keep up stock of expensive oil based commodities. Lumen Oil Flow Meter works viably even under gravity head.

Positive Displacement Type

Among the many flow meter outlines accessible today, it holds the best place both in execution and in field demonstrated appraisement, is must for high thickness liquids.

Finest Accuracy and Reliability

Remarkable exactness and dependability are the consequence of best in class machining strategies; propelled quality control programs; and the most developed verifying offices. Commonplace exactness is superior to +(- ) 0.5% of perusing showed. Meters exact to superior to +(- ) 0.2% can likewise be outfitted on ask.

Low Pressure Drop

Indeed, even with high thickness items, the weight drop over the meter is low. The meter can work even under 1" head of oil. It is effectively used to get oils; particularly diesel, oil, LDO and so on even while emptying under gravity head without additional wellspring of pumping.

Solid Electronics

As a discretionary gear pulse generators are additionally accessible for changing over the yield into a pulse motion for remote instrumentation and control. Electronic instruments for remote totalization, flow rate sign, clump controlling and PC interface are promptly accessible.

Straightforward Construction and Easy Maintenance

As opposed to the many plans including customary ones, the lumen oil flow meters work on a rule which can't be disentangled anymore. the volumetric revolving cylinder configuration implies that the exactness is kept up independent of the plain in which meter is mounted.

1) Parts in contact with the fluid are uncommonly little in number, which implies just little pockets are available in the measuring chamber.

2) By utilizing an effective attractive coup[ling between the measuring chamber and the enroll, just a single moving part is presented to the metered liquid. Simplicity of upkeep and long life are the outcomes.

Typically lumen oil flow meters are provided with mechanical counters and don't require any power source. To help to peruse at whatever edge the meter is mounted, the dial can be pivoted and secured any of the four cardinal positions.


1) The span of the Lumen Oil Flow Meters for an application ought to be founded on greatest oil flow rate in the pipeline, the pipeline size and weight accessible at meter point.

2) For emptying of oils under gravity head we suggest utilization of 80mm size meters. Alternatively 50mm meter can likewise be utilized.

3) For emptying oil based commodities by pump, introduce a 50mm/80mm oil meter.

4) For recording draw offs from capacity tanks utilize 40 mm, 50 mm or 80 mm size meter in view of the most extreme oil flow rate in the line.

5) For checking oil utilization, utilize 15 mm, 20 mm or 25 mm estimate kent oil meters in view of most extreme oil flow rate and the head accessible. In the event that flowrate is little and the pipeline estimate is huge then reducers ought to be utilized.


1) Lumen Oil Flow Meters are provided either with screwed closes or flanged closes. For 15mm, 20mm and 25mm size Lumen oil flow Meters, screwed and in addition flanged closes are accessible. The 40mm, 50mm and 80mm size meters are flanged as it were. Drillings are according to DIN ND10 determinations. alternatively different drillings are additionally accessible.

2) To expel particulate sullying from oil stream a strainer of at the very least 100 work ought to be fitted up stream of the meter. Prior to the meter and channel are fitted, pipelines must be flushed completely. To disentangle consequent overhauling it is prescribed that each meter and its related channel are introduced with a sidestep.

3) Use of air discharge framework is likewise basic while emptying oil based goods through a pump. This guarantees expulsion of air from the oil stream which may somehow or another reason metering blunder.

Electronic Systems

While the information created by a lumen Oil flow Meter can be perused physically at the point

of flow, in numerous applications today, the oil meter is a piece of a mind boggling instrumentation and control framework. perceiving this, lumen Oil Meters are intended to interface with the electronic frameworks and for remote readouts. Following discretionary types of gear are offered :

Pulse generator (PG 1)

It changes the mechanical movement of the meter into a pulse flag. It requires

a 12 to 24 volt control supply (Being provided by remote totalizer) and it gives pulse yield flag by means of three center table.

Remote Totaliser and Flow Rate Indicator (TF 200)

Pulse motion from PG1 can be totalized and additionally rate of flow can be showed.

The pulse yield motion from the pulse unit can be bolstered into FI converter and 4 - 20 mA flag is created. This flag can be used for process controls.

FI Combined Batching, Totalizer and Rate of Flow Unit (BTF 200)

Joined with pulse generator, the unit totalises the flow of oil, shows rate of flow and has two set focuses for administering of pre-decided amounts of fluids. With the assistance of this unit pre decided amounts of fluids can be transferred and programmed controls produced. Particulars are as under;

Also called: Mineral Oil Flow Meter, Vegetable Cooking Oil Flow Meter, Digital Oil Flow Meters, Flange Type Oil Flow Meter, 4" Inch Oil Flow Meter, Furnace Oil Flow Meters, Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter, Lubrication Flow Meter, Heating oil flow meter


  • Line Size: 006mm to 150mm (1/4" to 6" )
  • Not affected by outside components caused by the establishment.
  • Step less alignment framework.
  • Accuracy predictable between alignment levels.
  • Reasonable for use in dissemination stops and flight refueling vehicles.
  • Repeatability superior to 0.02%.
  • Programmed added substance injector accessible.
  • Electronic control accessible.
  • Serviceability: intended for snappy and simple upkeep.


  • Oval gear outline
  • Low weight drop takes into account gravity and pump(in-line)applications
  • Enroll top can be effectively evacuated and pivoted to each 90º introduction for show perusing
  • Provided with coordinated work strainer
  • Accessible in Liter, US Gal, UK Gal alignment
  • 1 year warranty + 2 years extended warranty on demand.
  • spare parts accessibility

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